Modern trolleybus issues

Electric Tbus Group - A wealth of detailed information about modern trolleybuses

Trolleybuses for West London - Campaign for trolleybuses in London, backed up with detailed cost-benefit analysis

Leeds Tbus - Campaign for trolleybuses in Leeds with a good overview of modern trolleybuses

Trolleymotion - International site promoting trolleybuses, with world map of trolleybus systems

Vancouver's Trolleybuses - Advocacy site with an exellent, well-referenced "Information and Materials" pack

Modern tram and light rail issues

Light Rail Transport Association - Information and campaigning about better public transport through trams and light rail transit systems

Transport campaigning groups

Transform Scotland - The campaign for sustainable transport in Scotland

Scottish Association for Public Transport - Promotes public transport in Scotland

The Edinburgh Tram proposals

Trams for Edinburgh - Official Transport Edinburgh site with detailed information including the Draft Business Case and the STAG analysis for lines 1 and 2

MYTHS and TRUTHS about trams in Edinburgh -  Keen tram supporters, though open to the idea of trolleybuses

Edinphoto's New Edinburgh Trams page - Good summary of the history up the project so far